Scenography – Set and Production Design, and Scenic Art 

It all starts with a ton of creativity, having the practicality to turn ideas into reality – and listening to you.

Between us we’ve many hundreds of designs for film, theatre and exhibitions under our belts. Amanda designs collaboratively with clients, playing with ideas to develop a project. We then bring designs to life, in model form and to potentially elephantine proportions in our workshops. We don’t hold back on ideas, and don’t see why you should either. Tell us what you think you need. If we haven’t got one, we can get it or (more fun) make it.


Hire – Furniture, Props, Set

On our travels, we collect a delicious feast of things. Vintage furniture, antique to modern props, and anything that we find interesting, beautiful, funny or bizarre goes into our big trunk of tricks.

All of this is available to hire from the Elephant’s Graveyard. If you’re searching for a thing, we may have one (possibly half a dozen) or we can procure them, as part of our set dressing service.


 Bespoke Workshop Commissions 

Our large and adaptable workshop, run by skilful and imaginative craftsmen – and a woman – means we are able to build anything from Jumbo size sets to intricate props and delicate hats. This is where things get exciting, as bespoke designs grow from concept to reality.


Styling and Set Dressing 

We at Curved do pride ourselves on being a bit stylish, and like dressing in every sense. Cross-, -Up, -Down (if we must).

Decoration and accurate detail mean everything to us, and we certainly hold style and substance as being vital, when it comes to historical referencing, tone and story telling.

Our clients benefit not only from our production designers eye and the creative knowledge of experienced artists, but access to the unusual. The CurvedElephant visual experience can be more authentic, more arresting, and always beautifully finished.